We believe that coffee is an art! It’s seemingly endless possibilities, combinations, and complexities keep us continually learning, practicing, and perfecting our craft and in Akron, Ohio, and we know we’re not alone! 

We love teaming up with local hard-working artists and like-minded makers and we’d love to meet you!

Our temporary Artist Exhibits are created to showcase local artists and their work while engaging, welcoming, and enjoying the local community of Akron! Artist’s can use this form to apply for a 1 - 2 month exhibit in our West Akron or Ellet Coffee Shop space. 



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Please read the Artisan Coffee Artist Exhibit Terms & Conditions (below) before providing a digital signature.

Artisan Coffee Artist Exhibit Terms & Conditions

1. The Owners of Artisan Coffee have the right to accept or decline any art based on their preferences. In order to respect the families that often spend time at Artisan Coffee any at pieces containing nudity or inappropriate images will not be approved for exhibits in our space.

2. Exhibits will be promoted by Artisan Coffee on Instagram, Facebook, the Artisan Coffee Events Webpage, and Artisan Coffee Events Community Board. Artists are encouraged to promote their events as well and any flyers or cards supplied by the Artist can be displayed at Artisan Coffee Shop for customers.  

3. Artist's may work with Artisan Coffee to coordinate a gallery-style opening event if desired however all events must be approved by Artisan Coffee as well our Whole Foods 365 local leadership. 

4. Artists may hang their own work as long as it is hung in the space designated by Artisan Coffee using approved hardware.

5. The Artist's work will be hung for the agreed month and the Artist will be responsible for removing their art within 3 days of the end of their exhibit month.

6. Artists will be responsible for creating labels for each piece listing the artist, title of the work, and asking price to be displayed next to the art. 

7. Pieces sold during the exhibit month will be marked sold and remain hung until the end of the exhibit. Artisan will collect the necessary information and contact the customer for pick up at that time. 

8. Any customer who wishes to purchase a piece of art may do so. Artisan Coffee will mail a check to the Artist for the price sold, minus a 10% commission.

By submitting this form, you will be agreeing to these terms and conditions with a digital signature.