We love teaming up with local small businesses and artists

We are all about sharing our space to promote and Spread the word about other makers and ENTREPRENEURS.

We believe it builds community, strengthens the city we love and spreads the word about awesome products made right here in Akron.

We’re looking forward to giving our customer’s the opportunity to get to know Leaf / Every Blooming Thing and bring one of their beautiful plants home!

Artisan Coffee Third Party Vendor Terms & Conditions

1. The Owners of Artisan Coffee have the right to accept or decline any items based on their preferences.

2. Third Party Vendor items will be promoted by Artisan Coffee on Instagram, Facebook, and by employees as they see fit.

3. Third Party Vendors are encouraged to promote their business in Artisan Coffee’s space in the form of business cards and a sign or bio (no larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches).

4. Third Party Vendors will assume responsibility for any manufacturing malfunctions in their products that may arise. Artisan Coffee’s staff may refer customers to the Third Party if these issues are brought to their attention.

5. Third Party Vendors will provide price tags for all items intended for sale at Artisan Coffee.

6. Customers may leave with their purchases at the time of the sale.

7. Artisan Coffee will mail a check to Third Party Vendors for the price sold, minus a 10% commission within 1 month of the sale.

Specifications for Leaf. Every Blooming Thing

8. Leaf. Every Blooming Thing will provide a tag for each plant with care instructions for customers.

9. Leaf. Every Blooming Thing will provide Artisan Coffee with basic care instructions for each product so employees can maintain all products provided.

10. Leaf. Every Blooming Thing has the right to pick up or remove any product from Artisan Coffee’s space at any time.

11. Leaf. Every Blooming Thing’s products are perishable, therefore Leaf. Every Blooming Thing will be notified if any plants show signs of unusual health or if products fall below the standard set by Leaf. Every Blooming Thing. These plants will be picked up by Leaf. Every Blooming Thing at no cost to Artisan Coffee.

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