Artisan Coffee Store Manager Job Description

The role of the Store Manager is to lead the assigned location with success by taking ownership of the location, and maintaining an organized and efficient process for regular operations. The Store Manager runs the location with attention to detail, creating a vibrant customer culture as well as a healthy team setting. They execute Artisan Coffee’s high standards and hold the team accountable to these standards.

The Store Manager's responsibilities include all day to day operations of their location, managing and training barista staff, educating customers on our menu, making recommendations based on customer preferences, up-selling special items and taking orders.

To be successful in this role, the Store Manager should have leadership skills, time management skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, knowledge of brewing methods and specialty drinks, and a motivation to keep the store clean and presentable. They should be flexible to work various shifts throughout the weekly schedule. 

This position’s compensation includes salary and tips.

Duties when working or not working a shift:

Store Manager Duties:

    •    Set a positive tone and strong work ethic, leading by example

    •    Train and educate your team on Artisan Coffee’s process and policies

    •    Communicate information and any changes to your team

    •    Make the barista schedule, working with availability and shift preferences as much as possible

    •    Manage cash for your location:

        •    Deposit cash twice a week (usually Monday and Friday)

        •    Maintain sufficient rolled coin and small bills in the safe

    •    Hold your team accountable using Artisan Coffee’s discipline protocol (the steps in this protocol should be discussed/carried out in person, not over texts, emails or phone calls)

    •    Keep the store clean and presentable, modifying checklists as needed to maintain a clean environment

    •    Inventory and Ordering

Duties when working a shift:

First Priority - Customers:

    •    Immediately greet customers as they enter

    •    Engage customers before taking orders (i.e. “How are you today?”)

    •    Educate customers on menu items and answer any questions they ask

    •    Discern customers preferences and make recommendations accordingly

    •    Take orders while paying attention to details (i.e. preferences of roast, dairy and syrup)

    •    Receive and process payments (cash and credit cards)

    •    Serve prepared food, like cookies, pastries and muffins

    •    Prepare and serve beverages following recipes

Second Priority - Between Customers:

    •    Open and close the store (first and last person here)

    •    Assess what needs accomplished in your shift, then prioritize and delegate

    •    Keep your team moving and working, checking for quality and thoroughness

    •    Set up and complete roasting batches (when in Ellet)

    •    Manage syrup and caramel drizzle quantities and make as needed (when in Ellet)

    •    Manage storage areas and put away all deliveries when they arrive

    •    Count and close cash drawer after closing, bundling money in safe for deposit

    •    Notice if equipment operates properly and report any maintenance needs

    •    Comply with health and safety regulations

    •    Recommend new menu items and communicate customer feedback to Owners

    •    Keep the bar area clean

    •    Brew drip coffee as needed

    •    Maintain an empty dirty dish bin 

    •    Wash and put away dishes in the kitchen

    •    Fill the drinking water container, mason cup tray, and buffet items

    •    Maintain a clean dining area, sanitizing tables and chairs, and sweeping crumbs on the floor

    •    Maintain stock of syrups, bar fridge, pastries, bagged coffee and merchandise

    •    Maintain stock of clean mugs and plates

    •    Delegate and complete tasks on the checklist (for the appropriate shift) with initials by who did what task, working ahead to ensure completion before the shift is over.  Stay until it is completed.

    •    Complete daily tasks as possible (first shift), and complete before end of day (second shift)

    •    If there is time and it is appropriate, complete items on the next shift's checklist

Reporting Structure:


Store Manager

Shift Manager